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Oil and Pastel/mixed media

The intention of Ryan's artwork is for it to be pleasing to look at from a distance and to entice the viewer to take a closer look to see how it was made or to guess the materials used. How it's made, that's the whole point. It's the process we all enjoy. When viewers enjoy it, that is just a bonus. His process has evolved into a kind of dance. He get's into a zone and it's just like he's dancing with the materials. It's like his subtly vibrating scribbles continue to dance on the canvas.
C. Ryan Pierce studied art at Eastern Michigan University, Henry Ford Community College, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Michigan University in 1998. His first concentration was drawing and his passion was figure studies. Forcing himself to paint and falling in love with the nature around him has brought Ryan to the dance he creates today.

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